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Filmmaker . Director .

RGBeat Studio is a video production company based in Amsterdam.


The letters RGB stand for the primary colors red green and blue, since we like dance music, we added “Beat” to our name as well.

Makoto Miyauchi is a key person in this company and has over 10 years of experience of video production in Japan. He delivers ingenious work and has a reputation for producing videos that match the music well and constantly seeks new ways to express his ideas. ​


Makoto has done a lot of editing work with Japanese programs and knows editing technology and the equipment used in post-production very well.

After working at broadcasting stations he started to work as a freelancer and made corporate VP and music videos.

Makoto also planned the launch of TV programs as a founder and producer. ​

Because of his strong interest in dance music he decided to move to the Netherlands.

After a preparation period, Makoto opened RGBeat Studio in Amsterdam.


Our past achievements are the shooting and editing of prominent DJ teams and editing of dance music videos in the Netherlands. We can help to convey your concept to the world, including Japan.


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